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Bathroom remodels are among the most expensive remodeling projects. An investment of that size demands your complete attention. After all, a bright, well-designed, and fresh bathroom can set the tone for your day, every day!

We know the stakes are high. That’s why we offer tailored designs, attention to detail, and customer-centric services that work together to create a bathroom that you’d love to call your own. Does that bring a smile to your face?

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Your Bathroom Needs an Expert

Some bathroom designs are good, and some bathroom designs are bad. When you bring in an expert like us, you get rid of the bad and improve on the good. There are so many reasons that make us the bathroom experts of Washington.

We Make It Simple

Generations’ worth of experience has equipped us with a knack for visualizing our client’s dreams and replicating them into spaces that they fall in love with. Your bathroom will come out precisely how you imagine it.

Up To the Trends

From heated floors to body spray showers to shower enclosures to various pretty stones, we use them all in our designs. We know our trends and how to design bathrooms around them.

Innovative Design

Our designs accommodate your vision within the constraints of the space and the limits of your budget. We play with design elements to make the bathroom feel brighter, more spacious, and chic.

We Have a Design for Every Bathroom Style.

What are Your Bathroom Needs?

So, You Want to Remodel Your Bathroom?

From building a new bathroom to replacing a dingy one, Volcano Builders is the first choice of Washington residents to refresh and improve their bathroom spaces. Here’s what you get.

Step 1

Customized Design

When you contact us, we work with you to create a tailored design plan for your bathroom remodel project. It accounts for your space, natural lighting, functionality, quirkiness, and other needs.

Step 2

Elite Team

A qualified team of professionals takes over plumbing, drywall, tiling, painting, carpentry, and more. They are experienced, familiar with the latest trends, and highly skilled at managing projects.

Step 3

Save Time & Money

Our full-spectrum bathroom remodeling services are a serious time-saver and don’t cinch your pockets. We are Washington state’s favorite because we deliver value that no one else can.

For 6 Decades Rivals Couldn’t Shake Dethrone Us. Reason? Unbeatable Value!

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