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An exquisite retreat, a lovely living room, an extra bedroom, or some extra garage space can take so many different roles. We can help you realize your dream garage makeover with our specialized services in Washington state.

Carve out a wonderful new space out of the same old square footage with Volcano Builders. Our designers can envision it for you, our technicians can deliver it, and our managers can take care of the permissions you need.

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Garage Conversion Services | Home Remodeling and Construction Firm

Volcano Builders is the go-to garage conversion specialist in Washington state. We can enhance the value of your property with a garage conversion that is functional, beautiful, and just you.

To the Drawing Board

Share your garage dream with us and let our designers turn it into a breathtaking reality. They’ll consult with you to create new designs that optimize your space utilization and improve its style.

Garage to Anything

Our talented designers and expert technicians work together to turn your garage into any space you want. You can convert it into an office, a studio, a game room, a bedroom, or something unique.

All Permits Included

Forget the woes of administrative hassles that come with remodeling projects. Volcano Builders will take care of permits – filing, documentation, and approvals – needed for the garage conversion.

We Make Your Garage Come Alive

What Are Your Garage Conversion Needs?

Ready for Your Garage Conversion?

Do you think your garage space holds a challenge? Try us! We love a good challenge, and you will love what we build for you. That’s a guarantee!

Step 1

Transparent Estimate

After the onsite visit, we share a detailed estimate with you. There are no hidden fees; you pay what’s on your estimate. With your approval, we order the materials and start building.

Step 2

Regular Inspections

Every garage conversion undergoes regular inspections as required by the Washington State. These are scheduled beforehand in order to avoid any delay in the project delivery date.

Step 3

Custom Additions

Once the primary structure is complete, we move on to custom additions like soundproofing, tiling, insulation, and so on. These final touches will completely change the whole space.

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