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Good Living Starts with a Good-Looking Patio

Building a completely new house or remodeling an existing one both cost arms and legs. But what if you can create a living space for your home’s appeal without taking to your heels from your bank balance? That is what the patio does.

A patio gives an inexpensive, stylish, serviceable make-over to your house by offering private space for relaxation and entertainment through our service of constructing patios. A patio offers not just an escape from peace but also adds to the value of your property. With so much to offer for so little, our services give just the kind of service that assures your outdoors are tailor-made for your space and needs.

We can create patio spaces that add character to your house, save you money, and put a big smile on your face. And Volcano Builders, your Seattle patio contractor, is all about putting that smile on your face.

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Marrying Indoors & Outdoors with Perfect Patios

Patios are living spaces that are open canvases for you to exercise your creativity. Houses often bear a uniform look, and areas like patios provide a unique opportunity to infuse your personal style into your home. With our outdoor patio remodeling services, we’re here to build and transform your patio, fulfilling every wish you have for this space.

Let us help you turn your vision into reality, ensuring your patio becomes a reflection of your individuality and a standout feature of your home.

Leverage the Versatility

By employing the right mix of creativity, experience, and expertise, we leverage the versatility of patios to create a fun and exciting place for dining, outdoor entertainment, recreation, or something else

Build a Retreat

Our patio designs create a daily escape for you. We build the space around your needs, making it the perfect spot for family time, entertainment, and relaxation.

Add Value

Our patios command attention. Our tastefully built patios enhance your home’s appeal and add value to it. You are not merely spending money to give your house a facelift; you are making an investment.

Let’s Start Building Your Patio.

3 Simple Steps to Your Patio Services:

With more than 4 decades of experience behind us, we are the full-service contractor in Washington state who can cater to your every concrete need.

Step 1

Free Estimate

Start with a free, personalized consultation. Our experts will assess your needs and provide a quick estimate for smaller projects or a detailed proposal for more complex ventures within 7 business days. During this initial meeting, we'll discuss your vision, budget, and timelines, laying a solid foundation for your project.

Step 2

Design Your Dream Space

Whether you have your designs or need our creative vision, we're here to plan and perfect every detail. We'll work closely with you or your designer/Architect to ensure the final layout reflects exactly what you envision.

Step 3

Construction and Project Management

Volcano Builders are with you each step of the way. We are responsible for all the state permissions, sending you regular updates, staying within the set budget, and assisting you when you need them. See your space transform as our dedicated team manages the construction with precision and care. We keep you in the loop with clear, ongoing communication, ensuring a smooth and satisfying build process right to the finish line.

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Patio Building & Remodeling Across Washington State: Your Go-To Source

Enhance your space’s outdoor living with our leading patio construction and remodeling services for the entire state of Washington. Outdoor patio remodeling creates custom, beautiful outdoor living spaces with unparalleled quality and service. Whether calling in from Seattle, Bellevue or someplace across the state, our competent team looks forward to working with you to bring your dream to life. From detailed designs for your patio to useful outdoor remodels, we’re a detail-oriented team through and through to provide your home with nothing less than the aesthetic and intrinsic value it truly deserves.

We are committed to excellence not only in building but also to ensuring every project we undertake results in complete customer satisfaction. We understand that your outdoor space is an important feature; for this reason, we keep open communication with you to bring out what is required and preferred from the individual. Our experienced subcontractors with a good reputation use only top-quality materials and methods that make sure your job is done beautifully and lasts a lifetime. Whether you want to create a tranquil outdoor escape or an entertainment area for friends and family, have confidence that we will provide high-quality results that will go above and beyond your imagination.

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