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Irregular or lack of maintenance can make your house look older than it really is. And when the house loses its luster, it loses its value too. Don’t let that happen to your house. With our prompt, high-quality, and immaculate painting services, there is no reason your home cannot look new and charming.

Volcano Builders offer both exterior and interior painting services to houses of every size in Washington state. Our professional painting services work as an anti-aging treatment for your property. No cracks, no streaks, and no dull areas. All you get is smooth, bright, and vibrant paint that makes your house look like it was built just yesterday.

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Interior House Painting Services

We Take the Years Off Your House

A coat of paint can do wonders to the appearance of your house. A tired, tattered, and rather unseemly building can be turned into a neighborhood jewel with the right paint and under the care of the right people.

And you will find those right people at Volcano Builders. In fact, you will find a lot more.

Professional Consultation

We will assess the condition of your house and advice you on how to tackle the damaged walls, seepage, and other repairs you need before the actual painting job starts.

Hassle-Free Operation

Our crew visits your location with an action plan. From masking & covering your furniture, to small repairs, to using different paint products, they’ll take care of it all. Just sit back and enjoy our work.

Hi-Tec Tools

Our trained professionals know how to operate sophisticated tools to sand and paint the walls. It reduces the time at the job and makes it quicker. We deliver outstanding results fast.

It Almost Feels Like Magic

What are Your Painting Needs?

The Volcano Builders Difference is Visible

Washington State has its share of painting services, but it takes experience, expertise, and technique to leave a house looking like new. And we offer them all.

Step 1

The Site

The first order of business for us is to understand the nature of the site and how you want the house to look after painting. It allows us to use suitable products, allocate resources, and send you a quote.

Step 2

Inside &

We then bring out our teams, tools, and talent to your house to start sanding, plug leakages, and prepare the walls before they are ready for the paint jobs.

Step 3


We then use the right color solutions to create desirable wall designs and follow it up with a professional finish to your indoor and outdoor walls

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