5 Tips to consider before remodeling a Bathroom

Unless you’ve completed bathroom remodeling projects many times, the nitty-gritty details, processes, options, and decisions will sound like foreign jargon. Nevertheless, you should prepare for the test.

Whether you plan on selling or staying, remodeling a bathroom is an excellent way to add value to your home. To determine what’s feasible for your home, consult a bathroom remodeling contractor before selecting tile patterns. Read on for five tips on bathroom renovations.

1. Know the cost of a bathroom remodel

When it comes to how much money you’re willing to invest, it’s essential to put your expectations into perspective before you begin a project. The quality of materials you plan to use, your bathroom’s size, and whether you plan on doing some of the work yourself all contribute to the cost of remodeling the bathroom.

2. Consider the location of the door and toilet

There’s nothing worse than walking in on someone in the bathroom without knocking and forgetting to knock. What’s even worse than that? An eye contact to the person’s eye when you just walked in on them. It will embarrass both you and them, and now they will know who it was that forgot to knock!

When remodeling a bathroom, consider the placement of the toilet and the location of the door. You might want to move the toilet to a different part of the bathroom if your front door has a direct line of sight to your toilet. You might even want to separate the toilet from the rest of the bathroom with a sliding door to add additional privacy to the room!

3. Seek inspiration everywhere

Seeing what other homeowners have done with their bathrooms is an excellent source of inspiration. Make notes about what you want to accomplish, whether online or at your friend’s house, with that amazing shower.

All your bathroom remodel ideas can be stored on Pinterest. Get a better idea of the aesthetic and style you’d like for your bathroom by creating aboard. You can use this during the construction, quality bathroom flooring, and design phase to have a reference when you get lost.

It helps to have a specific vision in mind before contacting a bathroom contractor. Contractors can better estimate the time and cost of bathroom remodels using reference guides and idea templates.


4. Design the lighting scheme

Layers of the task, accent, ambient, and decorative lighting are the best approach to a well-lit space. You have to ensure the right lighting for your bathroom.

5. Invest in a Few High-End Materials

Because bathrooms are usually small spaces, investing in higher-end materials and finishes can make your space appear incredibly luxurious. Consider considering materials on the higher end of the spectrum for wall and floor new tiles coverings, countertops, etc., before you mandate that your bathroom will only feature the simplest, most affordable materials. A small portion of your bathroom may be within your budget if you use one or more of these materials.