How to prep your home for cold weather

The onset of the winter season in Washington suggests that more people will begin spending more time inside and limited time running their errands because the weather outside will be frightful. Therefore, there is no better time to transform your living space into the paradise you have always desired. On that account, cosmetic changes in your home could significantly enhance your safety from snow hazards and increase your comfort. As a result, instead of using the cold weather as an excuse to derail essential home upgrades, you can take advantage of your time at home to tailor your home remodeling to meet your specific needs. If you don’t have an idea of where to begin, here are a few smart upgrade tips to get you started.

1. Renovate Your Kitchen and Kitchen Counter Tops

Your kitchen is probably the busiest room in your home because it buzzes with activity from morning throughout the day and late into the night. Therefore, remodeling your kitchen and furnishing all your countertops, lighting, sockets, sinks, faucets, and even your refrigerator units is an exciting experience because you will enhance all systems and ensure they satisfy you when preparing your meals. Moreover, you might need to store a lot of food items during the winter season to avoid going outside. Hence, remodeling your kitchen to create some space will provide additional comfort and give you some peace of mind.

2. Update Your HVAC System

Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning systems are delicate. However, you may not realize that your HVAC is dysfunctional until you need it the most. Therefore, you should always examine your system and test its limits to see whether it can withstand extreme temperatures expected during the winter. Better yet, you can upgrade the whole system to make it flawless and reliable for your temperature regulation needs as you shelter from the snow. If you have an extended warranty, you could regain more than 85% of the costs associated with upgrading your HVAC system if you sell your home. Moreover, it will ensure maximum protection from the freezing cold throughout the season.

3. Remodel Your Bathroom

Nothing beats a home with a perfect bathroom, a grand toilet, clean tiles, sparkling surfaces, and functional elements. As a result, Bathroom upgrades are among the most popular home remodeling projects for homeowners because they can substantially enhance the appearance and value of your home. For example, a bathroom with broken tiles, worn-out taps, soiled surfaces, blocked or clogged pipes, and dysfunctional parts are not easy to maintain when temperatures are freezing outside. Similarly, these issues can significantly reduce the value of your home in case you want to sell it. Therefore, you can kill two birds with one stone this winter season by upgrading your bathroom and its components to limit issues like blockages, enhance your home’s beauty, and increase its value.

4. Paint Your Interior and Exterior Wall Surfaces

Your wall surfaces say a lot about the energy you put in to make your home look perfect. Therefore, you should consider painting your interior and exterior wall surfaces when remodeling your home. Moreover, some paints used in exterior surfaces are designed to protect underlying materials from abrasion and snow. Thus, painting your house can limit the amount of destruction on your wall surfaces due to hard snow and ice particles. On the other hand, bright colors naturally warm a home’s interior environment. Hence, a remodeling project that includes repainting the interior and exterior of your home can transform your space into a delightful, welcoming, and serene environment.

5. Finish Up or Upgrade Your Basement

Most individuals have a habit of stacking up what they don’t need in their basement, allowing it to accumulate dust, rust, and various house pests over several years. However, your basement should not be a storage room because you can transform it into anything you want. For example, you can remodel it into a studio, study room, or a lounging area where you can enjoy your free time with friends. That being said, finishing up or remodeling your basement can provide you with a solution for a safe space to spend your free time during the cold season. Remodeling a basement often involves complex fixes because technicians must address all the issues, including the most neglected areas like floors, windows, hidden corners, and lighting circuits. Therefore, it might cost you more depending on your location and the amount of work required to restore it to perfection. However, you can find more information about the average costs of remodeling and finishing your basement on Redfin Blog.

Identifying the areas that need remodeling in your home is simple. However, difficulties arise when it’s time to find a reliable construction and remodeling service provider who will go out of their way to provide exemplary services in your home. Luckily, Volcano Builders is dedicated to alleviating the challenges of finding a trustworthy construction and remodeling service provider for homeowners residing in Washington and its surrounding. We started our organization four generations ago as a family business with a mission to put smiles on homeowners’ faces by crafting unique spaces that reflect their character, attitudes, and lifestyle. As a result, we are completely transparent in our process by giving you total control over your project. Moreover, our skilled technicians adopt the latest technological solutions to design and renovate your home spaces.

Although we are based in Seattle, we serve all individuals, including business organizations and realtors in Washington. Therefore, visit our home page and get a free quote if you require high-quality home renovations, repairs, or construction services to increase your comfort and ensure your safety during the winter season. We will get in touch with you with more information about how we can add value to your home and interior spaces.