Deck Remodeling Tips to Upgrade Your Outdoor Space

With all the hassles and stress that accompany work, there is always a need to relax when you are finally at home. The deck is an important space in the home for cooking, entertaining, and relaxing outdoors. There are a few touches or improvements that can be done to the deck to improve its design such as adding outdoor furniture, lighting, and privacy screens. If you feel your deck needs to be improved, you can contact deck remodelers or use the steps below to introduce some upgrades that add some style and taste to your deck.

Deck remodelers

Add a rug

One of the ways deck remodelers convert your deck into an outdoor space is by laying an attractive rug. Choose a color that makes the deck feel cozy and unifies the color schemes of the room. A rug can prevent dirt and debris from being introduced into the main building and they can give your deck a lounge-like look.

Install a Pergola in that space

A pergola provides a shade in an exposed area. If your deck is too exposed to the sunny weather, it may become uncomfortable at times when the sun is too hot. To tackle this, you can install a pergola and turn it into an inviting outdoor space. You may not realize how helpful this can be till the peak daylight hours return.

Consider adding an outdoor bar

Outdoor bars provide a great relaxation spot. You can turn your deck into a more entertaining spot by adding a beverage station. You can introduce a shelving unit with enough space for storing glasses and serving refreshments. If you do not want to spend extra cash purchasing one, you can turn a basic shelving unit into an outdoor bar by adding a tub for chilling the drinks or a wood top.

Repaint your deck

It is time to give your deck a new look by repainting it. Give it a fresh coat of color this weekend and have this brand new look you have been yearning for. In addition to the new look that comes from this, repainting your deck will as well protect it from rot, mold, and water damage. Get rid of the old paint or stains first before repainting by power-washing the surface. This helps the paint to adhere well. After painting, give about 48 hours for the paint to dry well.

Grab some outdoor pillows

Give your family and friends a reason to always want to stay longer in your deck by making your deck softer with outdoor pillows. Give them something to hold onto each time they come to visit. Choose pillows that are quite colorful and durable made from outdoor fabrics. You can buy or look around your home for fabrics that can withstand both the sun and the rain. Use them to cover your existing pillows and drop them on the sofa in your deck.

Extra seating space

The deck is meant to be a relaxation spot where people can comfortably seat and get rid of the day’s stress. Add extra seating by installing a hanging chaise on the deck. A hanging chaise can hardly go out of fashion. It also doubles as a swinging chair for the family and is quite easy to construct. Simply support wooden dowels with rope and spread a canvas drop cloth on it. They are perfect for basking in the sun, why don’t you add this extra piece for fun.

Explore the power of flowers and lighting

Who doesn’t love flowers? Explore the power of flowers by introducing flowers into your space. You can decide to put real flowers in beautiful flowers vases and leave them at the corners of the spot or you can cut pieces of tissue paper, stitch them together with a needle and thread to get colorful florets. To get a luminous lantern effect, you can hang these flowers directly from light cords. String lights have also stood the test of time when it comes to elevating an outdoor space. They are good options you can consider.  

Cinder blocks

Cinder blocks have lightweight. They have a neutral tone, therefore you do not need to worry about them not blending with the general color scheme of the deck. Cinder blocks can be arranged in an attractive way before being topped with wooden boards. Here comes a perfect relaxation spot where your family and friends can sit and have a drink. These extra seats are always helpful when there is a need to host a party or any event that would require the attendance of lots of guests.

Mimmick Chandeliers

We all know how expensive chandeliers can be and not everyone can afford to spend that much for space as simple as the outdoor deck. Even if you can afford it, the deck doesn’t call for so much sophistication. However, if you love that chandelier effect, yet you are not willing to purchase them, the good news is that you can still introduce the look into your home with less sophistication and expenses. The steps are quite easy to follow. Get as many mason jars as you think your space can accommodate without looking crowded. Fill them with pebbles and tea lights and wrap them with twines. Secure the twines to nearby roofs or trees and have the jars drop down just like chandeliers. This intimate al fresco setting is worth every trouble you had to go through while setting it up.

Introduce a spare surface

Everything about a deck is intended to spell creativity. Just like deck remodelers always state, you do not need to spend so much on this space trying to give it the sophistication that you desire. Consider your deck an opportunity to showcase your creativity to friends. Have them want to copy your ideas for theirs. Introduce an extra surface to this space using an old tire. The steps are quite simple. You can nail symmetrical woods around the sides, top, and base of the tire. When you are sure you have built yourself a stable table, go-ahead to cover it with rope. The good thing about this idea is that the color of the rose blends with the natural environment. You need not worry about choosing the rope color that will blend with your color scheme.

Hanging baskets

Previously, we gave the option of introducing flower vases at the corners of the deck. However, some people may not like this idea, probably, due to limited space. Here is the good news! You can still have flowers in your deck without bothering about the extra space they might require. Here comes the idea of hanging flower baskets. Hanging baskets are becoming increasingly popular in the decoration of decks. They soften the deck spaces with their foliage and lush blooms. The extra attractive colors they bring along with them remain one of the top reasons people love to have them around. You can switch up looks by changing the flowers as the seasons’ change. Give people a reason to always want to be in your deck with flowers. If you are stuck between choosing the mimicked chandeliers discussed above and hanging baskets, you can as well combine both.

Deck screening can make a difference

Are you tired of having people invade your privacy? Do you feel you need some privacy in your deck? Here is an idea on what to do: introduce privacy structures in an attractive way. These privacy structures camouflage what you do not want people to see. They as well cover the view of the deck you do not love. Use small-slat screens that blend with the patterns of the pergola to create a seamless border. Cheers to more privacy and a more attractive look.

Use strong stumps

Is your space short of furniture set? Do you want to add an extra touch of nature to your deck? Strong stumps will never go out of fashion. All you need to do is to ask Mother Nature for help. Tree stumps can serve as attractive side tables when properly smoothened and decorated. Get only a few of them to avoid having them take over the entire design of the place. You can also decorate them with home-grown planters.

Heat up the place

For very cold weather, the deck isn’t an ideal place to relax. The shades are already there to protect you from the sun but they can do little or nothing to protect you from the cold. Introduce heat into the space using unused terra cotta pots. Another creative way to go about this is to use scented candles such that when the light is on, the scent diffuses through the entire deck space creating a feeling of warmth.

Decorating your deck space is only a way to let out your inner creativity. There is no limit to what you can do with this space as long as it comes out as attractive as ever. Volcano builders are deck remodelers that help revamp your deck whenever you think it is going out of fashion.