7 Tips and Tricks for Organizing Your Garage

Garage conversion may be one of the tasks you have had on your to-do list for a long time but really do not know how or where to start. Searching for one tool in a heap of other items can be really frustrating. You could spend a whole day trying to find what would have taken you just a few minutes if your garage was well organized. About 50% of homeowners agree that the garage stands to be the most disorganized space in their homes and the truth still remains that this space is opened at least three times a day. The question is this: why then do we have to always leave them disorganized? We are aware that for each time you open that garage door, your fingers become itchy to clean up the mess, but reality reminds you of how much time garage conversion would take. If the thought of tidying this space makes you want to abandon it, Volcano Builders are here to help. You just need to be pointed in the direction to start and get guided through the cleaning process. Below are seven tips and tricks for organizing your garage.

Garage Conversion

Empty out the whole space

This sounds crazy, right? Right now, you may be wondering why you have to empty out a space you are trying to arrange. This is the Japanese guru’s, Mariae Kondo, way of cleaning. This helps you get rid of the clutter in your garage faster than you ever think. Empty out the cabinets, boxes, shelves, and other items lying around the space and pile them on the floor. This gives you an idea of the size and strength of the monster you are about to fight. If you are able to size up your enemies, you can defeat them. By putting all the piles in one place, you can be able to strategize on a better way of arranging them in the garage. It also shows you items you have not used or seen in a long time. This is the perfect time to discard the ones you no longer need. Eliminate the clusters and figure out the ones you need to hold onto before you proceed to map out a plan on how to arrange them.

Remove dangerous items and use tool boxes

When I say dangerous items, I mean items that can either damage other items or harm you. For most people, the garage is one room that can accommodate any type of tool or item. It is simply a dumping ground for them. Once they lay their hands on anything and they are not able to decide what to do with it immediately, the next place it goes in the garage. There are some tools or things you should avoid keeping in your garage. You can either move them to another place or you dispose of them. For example, do not store your pet food in the garage. Keeping them in the garage is an easy way to invite pests to feast on them before your pets do. Do not store inflammable substances or liquids there too, else you will get the whole building burnt down someday.

Use transparent plastic boxes to store your tools. These plastic boxes should be stackable and clearly labeled for easy identification (you can choose not to label them if they are transparent enough to allow you to see their contents at a glance.

Protect the floor

One of the most common problems we have in the garage is the spilling of fluids. Engine pops or leaks from cars can easily spill and stain the floor. Cleaning them out may appear to be hard work. To stop this from happening, it is important that you cover the garage floor with industrial or garage floor mats. These mats are very easy to clean and leaks do not stick to them as much as they do to the bare floor. They allow you to soak up spills in a very short time. Apart from protecting your floor from stains, wear, and tear, industrial mats or garage floor mats enhance the overall outlook of the garage. They are super durable and are very easy to install.

Paint the walls

Use paints to enhance the appearance of your garage wall. If you make the walls attractive, you will be more interested in keeping the whole garage clean at all times. You can choose to adorn the walls with attractive wallpaper or paint them with a striking color. If you are able to always notice the beautiful walls each time you come in, you will always see any unnecessary pile up as an aberration. For example, if you paint your garage wall white, each time you enter the garage, you will subconsciously notice and admire the walls and when there is a stack of boxes leaning on the wall or tools lying carelessly on the floor, you will subconsciously be compelled to pick and arrange them. This also happens when you cover the walls with eye-catching wallpaper. In summary, the more attractive the walls of your garage are, the less likely you are to leave the whole garage in a mess.

Explore your storage options

Divide the items into categories and place each of the closest to where you use them. For example, a rake can be kept at the back of the door for easy access. A combination storage box or multi-purpose storage unit with vertical and horizontal storage options will save you a lot of space and time. You can opt for a combination storage unit that has sliding doors, they can optimize space. If you are using a horizontal storage box, you can store your toolboxes at the bottom of the shelf, the memorabilia boxes can be stored on the second shelf while the boxes for seasonal decorations can be stored on the top shelf. For the other half of the combination, you can store standing equipment such as takes, skis, shovels, and golf clubs.

Maximize that overhead storage and hang the bikes

Are you tired of bumping into big items? It is time to store them up by constructing an overhead storage rack. Use two PVC pipes and fittings to construct an overhead rack. The process is quite simple, you only have to bolt the pipe to the ceiling joists, so it can provide support for heavy loads. You can stabilize the rack by screwing the angled pieces into the cross brace. PVC pipes are highly recommended for this process because it is smooth, and makes the packing process easy.

Trying to avoid those bikes parked in the garage each time you want to reach out for an item inside the garage can be very stressful. To get rid of these troubles, nail your bikes to the wall. The scooters and other riding equipment are not left behind. Create a space and mail them to the wall to free that space they have been occupying. Not only does it save space, it also saves the bikes from scratches.

You may as well consider constructing a sliding storage system for those large holiday décor bins and camping gears. Organize your garage and enjoy the extra space this provides you.

Create extra shelves with your garage conversion

Have you considered creating extra shelves in your garage? You could use plastic recycling bins or wire baskets for this purpose. You can fix them on the garage walls and use them as extra spaces for storage. This is quite different from the spaces you have to create for nailing your bikes to the wall. Shelves can contain a lot more than the nails you have to fix on the walls for bikes and other sports items. Also learn to reuse, reduce and reorganize your items. You can create extra storage spaces using the containers you already have. You can store your properties in plastic bins, open crates, or labeled containers and have them stacked safely on the shelves you created.  Remember that every little thing counts when it comes to rearranging your garage. Get all your small supplies (such as screws and batteries) together and organize them into labeled containers where you can easily find them. You can use stacked muffin tins, spice jars, or mint tins for this purpose. It is time to reuse that container you have been thinking of discarding.

Garage conversion may require a lot of effort and hard work, depending on the amount of mess or clutter you have created. Learn to make the garage a part of your home, that way you can pay as much attention to it as you pay to your home. You can hang curtains in front of the garage to create this aesthetic appearance. You can even go the extra mile to install a large screen door to let in fresh air into the space. For each time you try to make a mess of what you already organized, remember how much work you had to put in while organizing them.

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