15 Not to Do acts when remodeling a Kitchen?

Remodeling your kitchen can be a significant expense for most homeowners. Still, it is also a profitable investment that will remain for years to come and may even increase your home’s value. So, before embarking on your renovation journey, you should keep in mind a few tips—as well as avoiding a few common mistakes. You will be rewarded for your time, effort, and money when you take action.

Kitchen Remodel

Organize your kitchen remodel accordingly to take a moment to think about what your family needs and how you want to live. By doing so, you can make sure everyone has a good experience. Identify how often you cook, which appliances you would like to spend more time (and money) on, and how much storage you consider necessary. Your kitchen maybe your family’s favorite place to socialize and entertain and may even serve as a homework area after school. As a result, you may want to pay special attention to the seating arrangement and counter space or designate certain areas to serve multiple purposes.

Look for areas where you can increase and maximize storage if you have been experiencing a lack of space. Each of these considerations should be considered when selecting new features and designing your kitchen.

1. Countertops with bright colors

Regardless of the material you select to go with, any countertop that is shiny, very dark, strong color, or veiny might be a trend you’ll regret spending the money on. Rather, it is recommended to choose natural tones for your counters. Five to ten years is the lifespan of every fashion trend. You may be able to avoid replacing them on your next renovation if you choose natural light tones without much texture — or veining.

2. Laminate cabinets

When it talks about kitchen cabinets, nothing compares to paint/stain grade wood. Repainting or sanding the furniture can be done at a low cost. It means that if you wish to switch colors in the future, you can do so easily without damaging the material. For years to come, you can keep changing the colors of a quality cabinet to suit your style.

Remodeling a kitchen requires a good cabinet box. Many people don’t realize that most cabinet boxes are made in the same way. Solid wood 34-inch hardwood cabinets are strong and sturdy. Typically, the doors are what make up the cabinet. Changing out the doors is an easy way to give it a facelift while still having good boxes.

3. Hardwood floors

Although some people love wood flooring, it may not be the best choice for your kitchen. Wood floors will be destroyed by spills, dishwashers, and sink overflows. Stone is a better option. Also, porcelain has a lot of benefits and is inexpensive. If you’re looking for a durable option but love the look of wood, you might want to consider porcelain imitation wood flooring.

4. Don’t use fragile materials

It is easy to be deceived by physical appearances. The mere fact that something looks pretty doesn’t mean it will improve your life. If you’re remodeling your kitchen, choose durable materials. Water rings can damage limestone, despite its beautiful appearance. Etching and staining are common problems with marble. It may seem sleek, but recycled glass countertops can chip and crack much more quickly than other options. For your renovation, quartz is an excellent option if you want the look without problems.

5. Combinations of microwave range hoods

If you plan to cook in your kitchen, you don’t need a hood that barely pushes 80-90 cfm into the air. It is equivalent to an exhaust fan in a toilet. Instead, opt for a dedicated vent hood that is three times more powerful for a similar price.

6. Don’t ignore workflow

If you don’t combine the right amount of cabinets, quality appliances, and durable materials when remodeling your kitchen, you won’t make the most of your new space. Cooks and others should have easy access to the kitchen’s busiest areas, such as the sink, stove, and refrigerator. It is often referred to as the “work triangle” in the kitchen.

7. Glue-and-peel backsplashes

While they’re helpful for renters, you should avoid this trend when doing a real kitchen. You’ll have to redo it later. Peel-and-stick backsplashes are usually made of glue-backed plastics and are not durable against humidity, water, heat/cold exchange. It’s also worth mentioning that they can be quite costly.

8. Don’t Refuse Professional Design Help

DIY enthusiasts can perform a kitchen renovation on their own using their skills and creativity. Doesn’t that mean do-it-yourself? Anybody who has been through a renovation can tell you that expert advice is always helpful, even for a DIY kitchen remodel. Professionals can help you fine-tune your plan and provide advice that could save you from buying inadequate products and materials and choosing a design that doesn’t meet your needs. A free consultation is available at many home centers.

9. Reconfiguring the kitchen space

A kitchen’s footprint is significant. Adding an island is an easy addition, but the costs start to rise if you change the footprint. It could be possible that you may not be able to find those particular floors again after tearing down walls and patching in floors, so then you will have to redo the entire floor. It is easy to see how what seems like a few medium changes could turn into a complete gut renovation.

10. Statement-making fixtures in architectural designs

Go wild if you’re in it for the long haul. For an accent feature, you can do it in light fixtures or just a single accent wall if you think you won’t be there forever. If future buyers don’t like it, it is easier to change an accent wall than a bold-statement countertop.

11. Tiny tiles

Many people are opting for more extensive, wider backsplash tiles instead of tiny, narrow tiles since they can collect grime, grit, grease, and so on. Many people tile their kitchens right now, but going with a larger tile or not tiling certain walls or just tiling a half wall will be more affordable.

12. Neglecting aesthetics

It is not easy to renovate and design a kitchen space. One of the top mistakes that many people make is focusing only on the functionality of the kitchen.

Designing your kitchen based on the right color scheme is also important. You’ll spend a lot of time in your kitchen, so you want it to be a place you enjoy being in, not a place that makes you feel self-conscious.

13. Unnecessary appliances

HGTV’s big kitchens feature two ovens; does that mean you also need two ovens? Do you need a dishwasher if you’re honest with yourself (you never cook, you order takeout, and you want a nice-looking kitchen)? One place people may be able to save money is on appliances they don’t need. Budgets should be based more on efficiency and space, as well as how they will be used.

14. Lots of open shelves

You’ve probably seen the hype around open shelves if you’ve watched a lot of kitchen remodeling TV shows or read a lot of magazines. However, do you think normal families eat and live in staged kitchens with too many open shelves and enormous kitchens?

People who watch kitchen remodeling shows often make this mistake while remodeling their kitchens. Kitchens need to be both aesthetic and functionally pleasing at the same time.

15. Don’t Ignore the Rest of Your House

Getting caught up in your kitchen can cause you to neglect the rest of your home. During the remodel or renovation, your kitchen will most likely be unavailable, so set up a temporary galley somewhere else in the house. Ensure to protect your other parts of the house from the dust, debris, and splatters during the remodeling process. It will be easier to enjoy the result of your kitchen renovation without causing damage to other places of the house if you take the time to protect other spaces. Look at these fantastic kitchens.


Every remodeling project should be filled with laughter and lighthearted humor. You should let your guard down as much as possible when remodeling your kitchen. Make sure to let your creativity shine through as well! If you want to create a space that doesn’t take too seriously, try a bold backsplash or a multi-material kitchen island. Take your kitchen renovation from ordinary to extraordinary with these easy DIYs. Make your helpful investment while remodeling the kitchen according to your budget, and don’t overspend money.